Improve mobility and ease pain safely from your home.

Our therapists provide safe and positive online physical therapy services to reduce pain, and improve quality of life. There is nothing more important than your health!

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Meeting the needs of modern mothers. Regain your mobility and reduce pain from your own home.

We create a safe and positive online therapy for women with an imbalance in the function of the pelvic floor and deep core. Join today to decrease pain, and improve your quality of life.

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Stay safe. Stay strong. Stop pain and enhance your performance.

Our therapists provide top physical therapy online services for injuries, improving your posture and elevating your performance. Join today and reach your goals!

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Less pain improves mobility, mood and quality of life.

Women's Health

Good physical movement is an essential part of emotional and overall well being.


Any vehicle can take you from A to B. An efficient vehicle will make the ride much more enjoyable.

Good health moves
us forward.

Our mission at Virtual PT, NYC is to create a safe and positive environment for New Yorker's to better themselves. We aim to connect our clients to the right physical therapist to achieve their goals.

Start the road to recovery. It has been proven the earlier you get going on your physical ailment the better outcome you will have.

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Where New Yorkers come first.

All of our therapists are based in New York City, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. We’ll work with your insurance carrier to keep out of pocket costs low.

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Our expert administrative staff will guide you seamlessly through starting the process.

Direct Access

Most insurance companies will cover your therapy without a prescription.


We accept Medicare with a doctor's prescription or referral.

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No complicated downloads! Just press a button on your phone or computer to start your session.

Safer Environment

A pandemic like the one we are currently in has not happened in over 100 years. Staying at home is the safest possible option.

Our Full Attention

We will give you our undivided, one on one attention for better education and long term knowledge.

No Travel

Virtual PT NYC gives you the benefit of one less trip you have to take. This will help save time, money and frustration.

Family Involvement

We will train family members to be actively involved in your care by using their hands in a simple way to assist with healing.

Virtual Appointments, Care Wherever You Need It

One of the many changes the pandemic has brought about is rethinking how medical practitioners deliver care for their patients. Through the use of secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth servers, our physical therapists virtually connect with patients to guide them through recovery while also keeping all parties protected from COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses. In the time that is typically reserved for hands-on physical therapy, you can now have a detailed discussion regarding the inner mechanisms of your body and what movement patterns can lead to injury. Taking this deeper dive with our physical therapists allows you to play a significant role in their recovery process and avoid future injuries. From initial screenings to the final session, our physical therapists will monitor progress and provide you with the feedback needed to fully heal without ever stepping foot in the same room.

If you're looking to receive care without needing to travel while also gaining advanced insight into the intricate network that is your body, let Virtual PT NYC be your go-to resource!

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Danielle DeMarco

I had a wonderful experience working with Victoria Garrett, a pelvic floor specialist. I was concerned about working virtually with a PT – especially with such an intimate and complex area – but Victoria was truly amazing. She was so generous and understanding, and provided a multifaceted approach to progress, including breath work, mobility, and even basic anatomy learning. I felt completely supported by Victoria throughout our work together and would highly recommend her.

Ron Mincy

When I couldn't bear the weight on my leg after falling down the stairs at a local computer store, I looked right past the surgery and dreaded the excruciatingly, painful physical therapy I would need to recover from what would be my third knee replacement surgery. This time however, COVID -19 would add an additional wrinkle, because at the time New York was the epicenter of the virus. Virtual PT NYC was just what I needed. If you have to go through it.
Do it at Virtual PT NYC.

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