Virtual Events

Welcome to the Virtual PT NYC Event page. Our mission at VirtualPT NYC is to help as many people as possible live the best life they possibly can. With this in mind, we are hosting a free monthly event with one of our PT’s to discuss their specialties.

Learning About Ourselves

The purpose of each "Learn about Ourselves" event is to gain knowledge from a specialist about how our physical body works. We aim to educate and understand why our body is behaving the way it is. Once we start the process of self awareness, we can then start to figure out ways to improve it. Self education is the key. Nobody knows your body better than you do! Each session will be an hour long and divided into three sections:

Intro Virtual PT and the online series • 10 minutes
Full Lecture Lifestyle tips • 25 minutes
Q&A Live Q&A • 15 minutes

More events coming soon!

Past Events

people running

In The Long Run

Event host
Harry Green

‍There’s been a lot of discussion on running injuries. From highlighting running styles to shoe selection. But there’s another layer of information that needs to be reviewed. And that’s knowing what are the potential factors that can contribute to running injuries.

pelvic health

Introduction to Pelvic Health

Event host
Victoria Garrett

Did you know that everyone has a pelvic floor, even children! Therefore, anyone can experience pelvic floor dysfunction: cis, trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming folx.