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Our therapists provide safe and positive online physical therapy services to reduce pain, and improve quality of life. There is nothing more important than your health!

Do I need to leave the house for physical therapy?

Although physical therapy typically relies on direct in person contact, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives drastically and ultimately has directly affected the way that physical therapy is conducted. Physical therapy has been able to be seamlessly adapted to be conducted virtually. Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC at Virtual PT NYC offers this great alternative to keep everyone safe while still being able to improve ourselves.

Benefits of Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC

Being able to conduct patient visits online has been extremely beneficial in ensuring the safety of both physical therapists and patients alike. Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC allows you to recover and improve your health while engaging with a physical therapist from the comfort of your home. Digital physical therapy allows patients to have the one on one care that is expected from physical therapists, while keeping any potential exposure of COVID as low as possible.The following are few reasons why virtual physical therapy may be best for you:

• Safer alternative to in person treatment
• Personalized treatment
• Easily accessible
• Convenient

What is Needed for Digital Physical Therapy?

If you plan on utilizing the telehealth for your next physical therapy appointment, there are a few things that you need to make sure you have. For a successful and smooth virtual physical therapy appointment, you need to make sure that you have a computer or other device that has a working camera and microphone. You will also need a good and stable internet connection. The most important thing you need for your telehealth physical therapy appointment is a comfortable workout outfit and enough space for your physical therapy exercises. Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC offers a completely virtual experience that does not require any gym equipment. Their skilled therapists developed a creative and innovative program that involves just your body weight with the use of bands and light weights. Telehealth is a great new way to heal your body from the comfort of your home.

Virtual PT NYC - Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC

Here at Virtual PT NYC, we are determined to create a safe and positive environment for New Yorker’s to better and improve themselves. We have live representatives Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and can be reached at 646-VPY-NY13 (646-878-6913) with any questions. To learn more, please contact us and visit our website today. We look forward to hearing from you.

How Can I Prepare My Body For The Upcoming Sports Season?

How Can Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC Help You?

Every athlete looks forward to their sports season each year. Whether you play football in the fall or run on the track in the spring, there is hardly a greater excitement than the upcoming sports season. However, amid the eager wait for your season, you may be wondering, “What should I do to prepare my body for the sports season?”

Though you may be anticipating your chance to go out onto the playing field, it’s essential to keep your physicality in check before your sports season starts. Preparing your body to perform better in your chosen sport can be a difficult task if you haven’t already made a game plan for the offseason.

We at Virtual PT NYC can share advice on how to prepare your body for the upcoming season, as well as help your body get in better shape with Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC!

Getting in Shape

There are many tips you may hear from others about how to prepare for the season, such as having a healthy diet and keeping your equipment in check, but the one tip you may hear the most is to get in shape by exercising. Different kinds of exercises exist and can be done to improve an athlete’s physicality before the sports season begins. If you’re an athlete trying to prepare for the upcoming season, you may be asking yourself, “What kinds of exercises should I do?”

First, here are the four types of exercises that you should keep in mind:

• Aerobic Exercises: This type of exercise aims to speed up an athlete’s heart rate and breathing, strengthen the heart & lungs, and increase your endurance. Exercises like jogging and swimming fall under this type. These exercises are especially important for athletic training as your heart and lungs work hard during any game. You can also decrease your blood pressure and burn body fat with these exercises.

• Strength Training: Over the time that you’re not playing, you could be losing muscle mass. This type of training involves strengthening your muscles with exercises that require strenuous muscle use to build up your muscle mass. Exercises like squats and push-ups fall under this type. These exercises also help with keeping your joints healthy, promoting bone growth, and lowering blood sugar.

• Stretching: This type of exercise aims at keeping your body flexible by lengthening our muscles and tendons. Flexibility is essential for any kind of sport, as it increases your movement range and lowers your risk for injury. You can do dynamic stretches, which involve repetitive motions, or static stretches, which involve holding a position on any part of your body. Stretches decrease the risk of muscle cramps, joint pain, and strains.

• Balance Exercises: Being steady on your feet is crucial for playing a sport. Balance exercises allow you to do just that - maintain your balance and prevent falling. Different classes for balance exist, such as yoga, and balance exercises can vary. Balance exercises may also focus on joint flexibility or strengthening your leg muscles.

Exercises To Build Strength and Endurance

All of these types of exercises can help you with your plan for athletic success. However, you may also be wondering what specific exercises you can do to keep up on your physicality before the sports season begins. Here are just some of the many common exercises out there and what they can do for your body:

• Lunges: Lunges are an exercise that increases strength in your legs and stretches out your joints. These are done by keeping your legs vertically apart by a shoulder span length and your arms by your sides, then stepping forward with one foot and bending the knee on that leg as you do so, and stopping when your thigh is parallel to the ground.

• Push-ups: Push-ups strengthen many muscles in your body, such as your arms and core. These are done by going into a plank position and bending your elbows to lower and raise your body repeatedly while keeping your neck straight and your core tight. If you can’t do regular push-ups right away, you can go onto your knees instead.

• Squats: Squats increase your core and lower body strength and flexibility in your hips and lower back. These are done by first standing straight with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides and, as you keep your core tight and your chin up, bending your knees and pushing your hips back like you are sitting in a chair, then rising back up to standing position.

• Dumbbell exercises: Dumbbells can assist you in different exercises, such as lifting them overhead while standing or pulling the weights toward your chest. No matter the weight of the dumbbells, you are bound to see improvement with these exercises, although it’s recommended that you start at 10 lb and increase the weight from there. You can find different exercises using dumbbells here!

Remember that it is always best to consult a physician such as a physical therapist before taking on an exercise program. At Virtual PT NYC, we provide Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC can trust! We provide therapists that can assess your specific needs and determine what exercises such as these are right for you. You can also check out our exercise tutorials here!

Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC

Finding the right way to prepare your body for the upcoming sports season is not the easiest task. Sometimes, you may not know where to begin on your exercise regimen. We at Virtual PT NYC can find the exercise plan that’s right for you and get you prepared for your next sports season! If you or someone you know is looking for Physical Therapy For Neck Pain in NYC, consider working with us at Virtual PT NYC. Please visit our website to learn more about what we do. We look forward to helping your body get in shape for your upcoming sports season!

Is my Pain just Muscle Soreness or an Injury?

How Can Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC Help You?

After an intense, good workout, it is normal to feel some soreness and pain within your muscles. You may even wonder if you have injured the muscle. After your first time working out or not working out a long time, you may start to believe that you hurt yourself. There are many distinguishable features between an injury and after work out soreness. If you feel as though you may have injured yourself or are looking for Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC, contact Virtual PT NYC or visit their website for more details.

When Did The Pain Begin?

Depending on how hard and intense you workout, you may experience muscle soreness up to 12-24 hours after the training. The peak of the soreness usually occurs the second day after the workout. Soreness should only be intense for the first couple of days and last a week at the max. The pain from an injury is very different compared to an injury. This pain is because it usually occurs immediately after the damage happens. When the injury does occur you will be able to tell the difference between the injury’s problem and the workout’s soreness. The pain from the injury usually gets worse over time and when it is left untreated.

What Does it Feel Like?

The soreness should leave with a tender pain that is not too intense but tight and irritating when touched or massaged. The feeling is usually felt in a muscle group and is not felt in one direct spot. It should not keep you from doing your everyday activities like walking and working. When working out the sore muscle group, you may notice that you cannot perform the full range of motion or lift the same amount of weight. Injury is described differently, as a sharp, shooting pain that is located usually in one direct spot.

When Is The Pain Felt?

When you are still and not moving around, the muscle soreness is not usually felt. When watching T.V. the soreness will not be felt usually. While having an injury, the pain is still felt and is very noticeable when doing sedentary activities.

Contact us today if you have neck pain

At Virtual PT NYC, we are here to help with any concerns or questions you may have about your body, an injury, or pain. Our experienced, well-trained staff wants our clients to feel comfortable, healthy and get them back to the things they love doing. If you are looking for Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC, consider scheduling an appointment with Virtual PT NYC.

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Exercises to Help Battle Shoulder Pain

The shoulder similar has a wide range of mobility but is the least stable joint in the body. As a result, the shoulder is more susceptible to injuries than other joints. Along with the number of joints, are the muscle groups in the shoulder. Having a shoulder injury might be scary but can be treatable by the right help. Relieve your shoulder pain with Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC at Virtual PT NYC. For more information about exercises to help battle shoulder visit our website and contact us.

Identifying Shoulder Pain

It's important to identify the symptoms of a shoulder injury so that you can treat it and not worsen the shoulder injury. Here's is a list of shoulder injuries symptoms:

• Intense pain
• Limited range of mobility
• Swelling
• Arm or hand is weak
• Shoulder looks deformed

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

The two common shoulder pain comes from a tendon or joint problem in the shoulder. The rotator cuff is more common and is a tendon that starts at the top of the shoulder. The rotator cuff is usually torn at injury and can result in surgery. Arthritis is the second cause of shoulder pain. This is when cartilage from the shoulder is worn out and causes discomfort. The last commonly known shoulder pain is muscle strain. A muscle strain is when the muscle tears or stretches the tissue, causing soreness, swelling, pain at rest, or overall shoulder weakness. Contact us to learn how Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC can help you.

Exercises to Help Shoulder Pain

Exercises for the shoulder are shown to decrease shoulder pain. Repetition of exercise, along with constant flexibility of the shoulder muscle allows the tissue to heal.

Specialists say that just 5-10 minute shoulder exercises can increase the mobility of your shoulder.


• Shoulder circles: Shrugging and moving your shoulders in a circular motion for 45 seconds

• Cross arm stretch: Bring your arm directly across your chest and use your other arm to pull across. Hold the position for 30 seconds for each arm.

• Shoulder Pendulum: Use table or chair at waist height, place an uninjured hand on the surface and slightly lean on it. Then let the arm with the injured shoulder hang down, allowing gravity to take force. Finally, gently sway your body back and forth allowing your arm to swing freely.

• Table slide: While sitting down at a table, place both hands on the surface with a towel underneath. Grip the towel with both hands and bend forward at your hips. Hold the full extended position for 1-2 seconds then return to an upright position. Finish movement 10 times and repeat daily.

Contact us today if you have shoulder pain

At Virtual PT NYC, we are here to help with any concerns or questions you may have about your body, an injury, or pain. Our experienced, well-trained staff wants our clients to feel comfortable, healthy and get them back to the things they love doing. If you are looking for Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC, consider scheduling an appointment with Virtual PT NYC.

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Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC with Virtual PT NYC

Virtual PT NYC is here to provide you with any information about your shoulder pain. It's our priority to make sure patients are treated accordingly and that they live pain-free. Our therapists are certified and trained to help you receive a fast and safe recovery. For more information about exercises to help battle shoulder pain, contact Virtual PT NYC for Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Your Own Home

This pandemic has entirely changed our way of life and being. We have had to completely adapt and adjust almost every aspect of our new lives during this scary and uncertain time. We can and we will get through this speed bump in our lifetime. COVID-19 threw us for a loop, but with our ever-advancing technology, we are able to shift to technological techniques and still stay connected with the world. Technology has especially benefitted the medical and healthcare fields, as these areas used to only be beneficial if you were seen by a medical professional in person. By adapting and moving online, we are becoming stronger, allowing us to give you all the care you need from the comfort of our own home. Virtual PT NYC was created for this simple reason; continuing to help people by reducing their pain and interacting with them through telehealth services by implementing Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC!

Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC and Telehealth Technologies

Telehealth communications have been around for some time now but have never been necessary or emergent until these times of social distancing. Normally, medical care providers, especially physical therapists, rely on physical contact to treat their patients and their needs. With social distancing orders in place, this has become a huge challenge for physical therapists to adapt to. However, telehealth technologies open up a new digital world where doctors can creatively and innovatively interact with their patients online, still contributing towards helping them live a more comfortable and happy life. Telehealth services allow our physical therapists to provide our patients with easy home exercises and stretches to easily reduce their pain at home and improve their quality of life during this challenging time. Some benefits of telehealth for patients seeking Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC include but are not limited to:

• You don’t need to leave your house, ultimately eliminating transportation costs or time.
• No need to take off of work; schedule a meeting when it is convenient for you.
• You can still take care of your children or elders in your family without having to find alternative care options for them.
• Drastically reduced wait times.
• It lowers the risk of you catching any new germs or illnesses which may be at a doctor or physical therapist office.

Household Items You Can Utilize For At-Home Exercises

With physical therapy offices closed and social distancing orders in place, physical therapists have been challenged with the task of recommending the right exercises patients can do at home to help relieve their pain and live healthier lives. Many exercises and techniques morally performed at a physical therapist office require different pieces of equipment of specific therapy items that you may not have lying around the house during the quarantine. Here is a list of common household items that work has great replacements for common pieces of physical therapy equipment:

• A hand towel for grip strength
• Rubber bands to strengthen fingers
• A hammer for wrist exercises
• Silly putty for handgrip and strengthening your fingers
• A bath towel for stretching exercises
• Soup cans as weights
• Basketball to strengthen your quads

How Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC Can Help!

Looking for reliable Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain in NYC? Look no further, Virtual PT NYC is here to help you! We were created specifically for this challenging time and our goal is to help everyone and anyone in need of a virtual physical therapist. In this time of social distancing, our certified physical therapists offer many at-home exercises and telehealth meetings to get you moving and living a more happy and comfortable life! Interested in our services? Visit our website or schedule an appointment today!

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