What are the Most Common Elderly Injuries?

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As we age, our risk for injury increases significantly. Our bodies are lacking strength, leaving us vulnerable and at risk. Our brains and cognitive abilities, overworked by a lifetime of information and memories, slow down as well. As a result, accidents involving injuries occur. With these injuries comes an extended recovery time, but with the help of Virtual PT NYC, you or your family member will be taken care of. Digital physical therapy Brooklyn is dedicated to decreasing your pain and improving your mobility and mood for a better quality of life. Contact us today to learn more! 


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the most common among those 65 and older. They are the leading cause of fatal injury among seniors, and injuries can vary from minor to severe. These injuries include hip, pelvis, or vertebrae fractures.

Broken wrists are amongst the most common due to being used to help break a fall. Some of the more painful injuries include a broken nose and ribs. Brain injuries can also occur as the result of a fall. These are dangerous, especially if the person is on medication, such as blood thinners. Elderly individuals have slower reflexes combined with less muscle strength needed to prevent hitting one's head, leaving them more vulnerable to head traumas.   

Sometimes falls don't cause injuries, but one in five do and often make it difficult for an individual to partake in daily activities or live independently. Fear of falling after not experiencing an injury the first time can also increase a person's chance of dropping in the future. It leads to a person being less active and making them weaker and more likely to fall.


The tendons in both the hands and ankles become less flexible with age, making sprains among the elderly common. Injuries like these can result from a routine activity like standing up from sitting, catching oneself mid-fall, or even stepping onto an uneven surface.

Hip Dislocation

As we age, bones tend to weaken, which leaves us vulnerable to injury. Hip injuries are common among older adults, especially when on multiple medications with weakening vision. 

Groin Injuries

Injuries like these occur because of overstretching or ripping of hip adductor muscles. These types of injuries are painful and make walking difficult as a result. As a precaution, it's essential to exercise based on one's abilities and limitations and increase the routine slowly and gradually. 


Though injuries like the ones mentioned above are common, there are preventative measures you can take to ensure the safety of yourself or a loved one. 

  • Installing handrails or seats in showers and tubs
  • Use non-slip mats
  • Eliminate clutter and other obstacles
  • Make sure furniture is secure
  • Get rid of items with sharp edges or glass tops
  • Install an elevated toilet or toilet seat
  • Install ramps or lift assist devices for stairs
  • Do low impact exercises with limited stress like water aerobics
  • Make sure you or your loved one eats nutritious meals, maintains a healthy weight, and takes all necessary vitamins.

Physical Therapy After an Injury

Experiencing any of the injuries above is painful, and you will need help managing the pain to return to your everyday life. Physical therapy can help relieve pain and restore physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. 

Physical therapy for the elderly involves stretching, walking, massage, and more! The goal is to help make tasks and daily activities easier and give them as much independence as possible.

Digital Physical Therapy Brooklyn 

Virtual PT NYC's digital physical therapy Brooklyn wants to help our patients by offering a safe and positive environment. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries like those mentioned above, contact our office today to see how we can help!

Virtual PT NYC

Virtual PT NYC's digital physical therapy Brooklyn wants to help patients by offering a safe and positive environment.